1, cleverness lies in diligence, and genius lies in accumulation.

2. A man who loves books, he must not lack a faithful friend, a good tutor,
a lovely companion, and an excellent and gentle comforter.

3, learning and memorization is not lazy in literature, especially poetry.
A high school of liberal arts students, and to read or read hastily and without
thinking ten poems, not carefully recite three hundred poems.

4, the day will drop so big people, must suffer the labor of their bones,
their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos, so the
spirit, had it not beneficial.

5, the husband so reading and learning, the desire to be happy and bright,
conducive to the ear.

6, read a good book, like making a good friend.

7, no more than a thousand li; no small stream, not to become a river.

8, as soon as, in the day retreat.

9, learning demands maximum tension and maximum enthusiasm for people.

10, experienced people read two eyes, one eye saw the words on the paper,
and the other saw the back of the paper.

11, the book is the ship of thought sailing in the waves of the times,
which carefully carries the precious goods to generation after generation.

12, reading makes a man full, the discussion makes the man wit, and the
composition makes the man accurate.

13, reading more than ten thousand volumes, no right in the chest, such as
the rich, rather money bitter.

14, reading as the road, the adventure of no fear.

15, the one who knows is better than a good one, and a good one is not
better than a happy one.

16, who have no excessive recreation, who work hard.

17, create candles, read and read.

18, when many people wandering in a way, they had to move a road, let the
people cherish the time to their front.

19, learning is the treasure of the body, and Confucianism is the treasure
on the mat. When you look as prime minister, you must use the reader.

20, those who wish to display order of Yang Mo Liang Guanglie, to learn

21, the book is thought of the ship, in the era of the waves to move. It is
loaded with valuable goods and is transported to generation after

22. Apart from the barbaric country, the whole world is governed by

23, reading without a hobby, you can do as much as possible. Don’t you pan
reading books, will be at a loss or loss of appetite, wide and deep, and then
designed bo.

24, not here, not blame, but to the school.

25, study will be used to use; reading first in the heart.

26, learning, never too late.

27, reading, beginning reading, unknown doubt; secondly, there are
gradually doubtful; in the festival is a doubt. After this speech, gradually
release the suspect, and together, no doubt, the tenor is the school.

28, the founder of the book do not read much does not matter, afraid not to
study in the society.

29, the world books are the ever burning lamps of accumulated wisdom.

30, having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god.


1、Reading to ponder。 — Cheng Hao读书要玩味。程颢

2、Do not read books。 — Xu Teli不动笔墨不读书。徐特立

3、Books to cultivate their sentiments – Bo Wei书籍陶冶情操博维

4、Only books are immortal。 — Choate唯书籍不朽。乔特

5、Reading for pleasure。 — Maugham为乐趣而读书。毛姆

6、Books are a great force。 — Lenin书籍是巨大的力量。列宁

7、Books – the treasure of the world。 — Thoreau书籍举世之宝。梭罗

8、You are not more expensive to read。 — Digest读书贵精不贵多。书摘

9、Books are the tools of the soul。 — Hugo书籍是造就灵魂的工具。雨果

10、Books are the children of thought。 — Swift书是思想的产儿。斯威夫特

11、Books are the ladder of human progress。 – Golgi书籍是人类进步的阶梯。高尔基

12、Accumulate wealth, without reading。 — Yan Zhitui积财千万,无过读书。颜之推

13、The book lying the souls of the past。 — Carlile书中横卧着整个过去的灵魂。卡莱尔

14、Reading makes people see and think clearly。 — Voltaire读书使人心明眼亮。伏尔泰

15、Books contain the whole life — Balzac图书包含着整个生活巴尔扎克

16、Books are the only things that never die。 — cute书是唯一不死的东西。丘特

17、Books are the ladder of human progress。 – Golgi书是人类进步的阶梯。高尔基

18、Reading makes people perfect。 — Bacon读书使人成为完善的人。培根

19、Books are the experience of the past。 — Laboure书籍是前人的经验。拉布雷

20、Abuse of books, the knowledge is dead。 — Rousseau滥用书籍,则学问死矣。卢梭

21、A day without books, pepsi barren。 — Chen Shou一日无书,百事荒芜。陈寿

22、Books – contemporary real university。 — Carlile书籍当代真正的大学。卡莱尔

23、Reading for the rise of china。 — Zhou Enlai为中华之崛起而读书。周恩来

24、Work in reading, and in writing。 — Cheng Duanli劳于读书,逸于作文。程端礼

25、Read a book, live a book, read a book。 — Guo Moruo读活书,活读书,读书活。郭沫若

26、To learn to use, to read in an open mind。 — Digest求学将以致用,读书先在虚心。书摘

27、Books are a treasure house of human thought。 —

28、Ideal books, is the key to wisdom。 — Lev Tolstoy理想的书籍,是智慧的钥匙。列夫托尔斯泰

29、Books such as medicine, good reading can be cured。 — Liu

30、What reading is, not regret for past injustice。 — Li


Reading your God solution, nothing to keep them。 — Xu

How to learn first, learn to read for the li。 — Zhu

Reading that has more, ask things to know。 — Wang Anshi读书谓已多,抚事知不足。王安石

Love books — it is the source of knowledge! – Golgi热爱书吧这是知识的泉源!高尔基

Reading will only see the science specialization, party。 — Xue

The book is my slave, must obey my will。 — Marx书是我的奴隶,一定要服从我的意志。马克思

Reading is the same as mine shalitaojin。 — Zhao Shuli读书也像开矿一样沙里淘金。赵树理

Book, the most beautiful sound of human beings。 — Levin书人类发出的最美妙的声音。莱文

Books make people become more imaginative。 — gladkov书籍使人变得思想奔放。革拉特珂夫

Good reading, read without thorough understanding。 — Tao

The essence of all time in the past, in the book。 —

Books are the president of human knowledge。 —

Having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god。 — Han

Avoid reading dead reading, reading the dead ox horn。 — Ye

Great joy of reading, not to invite good name。 — Wang

Reading without thinking is to eat and not to digest。 —

Diet to stomach, read more books to keep bile。 — Zhuang

The poor should not forget how to read, and。 — Wang

Energy-saving, Whitehead hate reading late。 — Yan

Books are a great talent for the heritage of mankind。 —


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